El Salvador’s Tourist Site Upgrades Set to Impress.

The Government of El Salvador is making significant strides in the improvement of its tourist attractions, aimed at benefiting the local population. These efforts are set to transform the renowned Parque Nacional El Boquerón into an even more captivating destination, offering enhanced amenities and experiences for visitors.

The ambitious project includes a comprehensive facelift for Parque Nacional El Boquerón, the construction of three new observation points, the installation of safety railings along its trails, and the establishment of a modern café, among other enhancements.

Morena Valdez, the Minister of Tourism, expressed the government’s commitment to this venture, saying, “We are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Environment to revitalize these destinations.” She added, “El Boquerón is one of the top 10 most visited destinations in our country, and we are planning an extensive intervention here.”

The improvements are expected to attract a considerable influx of tourists, with Minister Valdez estimating that annual visitors could surge from the current 60,000-70,000 to over 100,000. “In the volcano area alone, we have over 40 businesses including accommodations, transportation services, restaurants, and recreational facilities. It’s an area we are heavily investing in,” she emphasized.

El Salvador’s tourism industry has been experiencing steady growth, with a target of 2.9 million international visitors by 2023. As of August this year, the country has already welcomed 2.2 million tourists, generating approximately $2.1 billion in foreign exchange earnings, according to the Minister of Tourism.

Romeo Herrera, the Minister of Public Works, outlined the scope of the project, stating, “We are embarking on a series of initiatives to enhance tourism in our country. Our efforts encompass a range of projects aimed at ensuring accessibility and pristine conditions for every trail within the park.”

He also revealed exciting plans for the construction of three new observation points. “One of these observation points will be two levels high, featuring a glass-floored platform that promises a spectacular view,” Herrera explained.

The Salvadoran government’s commitment to improving its tourist sites, such as Parque Nacional El Boquerón, underscores its dedication to fostering local tourism and attracting international visitors. These initiatives not only promise enhanced experiences for tourists but also hold the potential for significant economic benefits for the country as a whole.