South Korea Donates 36 Ambulances to El Salvador’s Ministry of Health for Newborn Care.

To boost the healthcare infrastructure, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) of El Salvador has recently received a generous donation of 36 specialized ambulances from the Government of South Korea. These ambulances are specifically designed to provide critical care for newborns, reinforcing the country’s commitment to improving neonatal health and reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.

Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, announced this vital contribution during an interview on the YSKL radio show, “Punto de Vista,” on Friday, September 1st. These ambulances represent a significant addition to El Salvador’s healthcare system, enhancing its capacity to respond to the needs of newborns across the nation.

Minister Alabi further emphasized that this donation aligns directly with the implementation of two important laws: “Nacer con Cariño” (Born with Love) and “Crecer Juntos” (Growing Together). These laws have been championed by the First Lady of El Salvador, Gabriela de Bukele, and have played a pivotal role in reducing maternal deaths and fatalities among neonates and infants under one year old. Additionally, the government has inaugurated 23 breastfeeding rooms in private companies and over 200 such facilities in public institutions, promoting maternal and infant health.

Addressing the issue of respiratory illnesses in the country, Minister Alabi noted that during the rainy season, there tends to be an increase in cases, particularly of influenza. He urged the population to seek medical attention promptly if they experience respiratory symptoms.

“The risk levels for influenza and COVID-19 are nearly equivalent. COVID-19 symptoms are now more akin to a common cold, with minimal fever. It’s crucial to identify whether you have a respiratory problem first, and then seek immediate care at health units or hospitals for testing and appropriate medication,” explained the Health Minister.

Shifting his focus to another important development, Minister Alabi touched upon the recent announcement of Google commencing operations in El Salvador. He highlighted the significance of this move, stating that it would further strengthen the digitization process within the healthcare system. Notably, all hospitals and medical facilities in El Salvador are already equipped with connectivity.

“These tools, with Google’s support, will significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of healthcare services. The population will undoubtedly experience the positive changes brought about by this digital advancement,” reiterated Minister Alabi.

With South Korea’s generous contribution of specialized ambulances and ongoing efforts to improve healthcare services and digitization, El Salvador is taking commendable strides towards ensuring the well-being of its citizens, particularly its newborns, and bolstering its healthcare system for a brighter and healthier future.