Diplomatic Efforts Lead to Moroccan Business Mission Exploring Investment Opportunities in El Salvador.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Diplomatic Representation of El Salvador in the Kingdom of Morocco, has orchestrated the visit of a delegation of potential foreign investors. This delegation is arriving to gain firsthand insight into the opportunities and advantages that our country offers for launching productive projects.

In collaboration with other governmental entities, the ministry has crafted an agenda for this endeavor. It includes meetings with specialized business agencies, as well as entities associated with sectors that hold the interest of the delegation members. These encompass both the public and private spheres, covering fields such as renewable energy, agro-industry, fisheries and aquaculture, manufacturing, textiles, telecommunications, digital services, real estate, and more.

“Our aim is to hold meetings with all these offices and analyze potential partnerships that can be forged. Each of these companies seeks alliances to establish their presence here, in El Salvador,” stated our nation’s ambassador to Morocco, Ignacio de Cossío. He has facilitated the connections with this group and their visit to the country.

As part of their schedule, the business representatives held a meeting today with experts from the agency INVEST, led by its executive director, Samadhy Martínez. During the meeting, they outlined the attractions, facilities, and significant possibilities available for these firms to initiate their operations within our territory.

“Do not doubt that each of you will find opportunities and partnerships in our country, enabling you to conduct business in El Salvador. We are in a unique moment of transformations, driven by President Nayib Bukele’s administration to invigorate our economy and enhance our business environment,” expressed Director Martínez.

Additionally, they engaged in discussions with officials from the Ministry of Economy, who provided detailed information about the necessary steps to establish a presence in the country, as well as insights into trade agreements and specific commercial and investment inquiries.

In the upcoming days, the delegation consisting of three Spaniards, one Senegalese, and one Moroccan, representing companies established in Africa such as Oxynord, Imenergy, Técnicas del Cable, La Mar de Frescos, and Eurona, will meet with representatives from other public institutions including CEL and CENDEPESCA.

The agenda also includes planned meetings with the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), the Salvadoran Chamber of Construction Industry (CASALCO), the Salvadoran Hotel Association (ASH), the Salvadoran Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (Casa TIC), and the Cooperative Fishing Association Los Chilamates.