Workforce has grown in 70% of El Salvador’s productive sectors.

El Salvador’s economy continues to exhibit promising indicators, positioning itself as an attractive destination for global investors, as stated by Minister of Economy María Luisa Hayem this morning.

As evidence of this trend, the minister emphasized that 70% of the productive sectors in El Salvador have experienced a surge in their workforce, underscoring the current momentum of the national economy.

“We continue to witness an economy characterized by dynamism, where 70% of our productive sectors have expanded their workforce. From January to May this year, when compared to the same period last year, we’ve seen over 3,200 new jobs created in the call center sector,” commented Hayem.

Hayem also highlighted the significance of El Salvador’s inflation rate, hovering around 3%, as a favorable factor for investors who now consider the country a prime destination for investment.

Among the sectors generating significant interest in El Salvador, the technology industry stands out. The Salvadoran government is actively preparing the groundwork to facilitate investment and opportunities in this sector, as Hayem explained.

“The technology sector is one that we are targeting due to its potential to create more job opportunities in the present and the future. Recently, the Assembly approved the Law for the Promotion of Technological Innovation and Manufacturing, which grants companies 15 years of tax exemptions. We have already witnessed positive responses,” she explained.

Likewise, the minister highlighted the surging entrepreneurial landscape in El Salvador, a testament to the economy’s dynamism. This momentum will be further supported by initiatives like the Entrepreneurship World Cup.

“The Entrepreneurship World Cup is an international platform involving over 100 countries. Last year, we were fortunate to have 119 projects apply for this competition. The call is open to projects at various stages of development, including the idea stage, early stage, and growth stage,” she elaborated.

“For those entrepreneurs who manage to reach the final stage, the Ministry of Economy provides them with a non-repayable fund to continue working on their project and take it to the next level,” she added.