Salvadoran Agro-Trading Law Paves the Way to Food Security.

President Nayib Bukele’s government is prioritizing food sovereignty by focusing on the agricultural sector. Through the Presidential Commission for Strategic Projects, an initial draft of the Comprehensive Agro-Trading Law has been presented to the Legislative Agriculture Committee. This law aims to strengthen agriculture, rural areas, and overall productivity.

Central to this law is the establishment of the Agro-Trading Development Center. This autonomous entity will enhance farmers’ competitiveness and modernization, ensuring a stable food supply.

“We aim to transform farmers into agro-producers. The Agro-Trading Development Center, affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, is pivotal for this vision,” stated Presidential Commissioner Cristian Flores.

The initiative holds promise, outlining agro-productive regions, prioritizing agricultural imports, and refining agro-logistics. Endorsements from UN organizations such as FAO, WFP, and UNDP underline the initiative’s commitment to food sovereignty.

“President Bukele is dedicated to securing Salvadorans’ food supply. We strive for self-sufficiency while acknowledging the need for some imports,” highlighted the Presidential Commissioner.

The law opens doors for producers, dignifying their role and offering access to credit and competitive markets.

President Nayib Bukele’s administration showcases its commitment to a robust agricultural sector, reinforcing food security in El Salvador.