El Salvador Government Launches Advanced Goods Declaration Plan at Border Crossings.

In a bid to streamline trade and enhance cross-border commerce, the Government of El Salvador has unveiled the “Advanced Goods Declaration Plan” at terrestrial border posts in Las Chinamas – Valle Nuevo, Anguiatú – La Ermita, and San Cristóbal. This strategic move, undertaken by the Ministry of Economy in collaboration with the Directorate General of Customs, aims to slash processing times and expenses for exporters involved in transporting goods between El Salvador and Guatemala.

The launch event, held on Tuesday, was attended by Maria Luisa Hayem, the Minister of Economy, Benjamin Mayorga, Director General of Customs of El Salvador, and representatives from the Guatemalan Government. The occasion marked a significant achievement for bilateral trade relations between the two neighboring nations.

In her address, Minister Maria Luisa Hayem hailed the initiative as a pivotal milestone, stating, “Today, we celebrate a great achievement. Thank you for allowing us to bring more good news in the area of trade facilitation, in the realm of enhanced competitiveness and increased employment for the population. Today, we take a very important step towards various goals we have set for ourselves. On one hand, we are strengthening our ties with our neighbors, with the sister Republic of Guatemala.”

The Advanced Goods Declaration Plan is an integral component of the broader Trade Facilitation Plan, involving 17 government institutions and seven trade associations, as explained by the Minister of Economy. This endeavor is aligned with the National Trade Facilitation Strategy, scheduled to be implemented from 2023 to 2027. The overarching goal is to position El Salvador as “one of the most competitive countries in Latin America.”

“Already, we are digitized and interconnected. In 2022, El Salvador exported goods valued at over $1.2 billion, solidifying Guatemala as the second-largest destination market for our total exports and the foremost within the Central American region,” elaborated Minister Hayem. She also highlighted the progress made through three trade facilitation plans, with more than 100 measures effectively put into action.

The launch of the Advanced Goods Declaration Plan stands as a testament to El Salvador’s commitment to bolstering economic ties, fostering efficiency in trade processes, and paving the way for increased economic growth and collaboration within the Central American landscape.