Blue Wave Ferry to Welcome Tourists in Next Phase.

The recently launched Blue Wave Harmony ferry has embarked on its maiden voyage, connecting El Salvador and Costa Rica. While the ferry’s primary purpose currently revolves around commercial activities, a subsequent phase promises to bring tourists on board, heralding a new era of maritime travel and regional integration.

The ferry service, which commenced operations on August 10th, is positioned to foster trade and commerce within the Central American region. Representing a significant step forward for the isthmus, the ferry bridges the gap between El Salvador and Costa Rica, offering a convenient and efficient short-distance maritime route.

Federico Anliker, the President of the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA) of El Salvador, emphasized the collaborative efforts of El Salvador, Costa Rica, and the Blue Wave Corporation—the ferry’s operator. Anliker underscored that the forthcoming phase of the project involves extending the ferry service to cater to tourism.

“We are already working on making passenger ferries a reality from El Salvador’s side. We take pride in being pioneers of a new maritime connection that will strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two nations and contribute to Central American integration,” remarked Anliker.

In recent days, El Salvador’s Ferry Technical Committee has welcomed the participation of 14 institutions, including the Ministries of Finance and Tourism. The Ministry of Tourism’s involvement aims to streamline passenger transportation. The ferry currently navigates the 360 nautical miles between the ports of La Unión and Caldera with cargo.

Anliker disclosed his discussions with Morena Valdez, the Minister of Tourism, regarding the public’s eagerness to experience maritime travel to Costa Rica. “People want to experience the journey to Costa Rica by sea, with all the conveniences of the ship, including the ability to bring their cars or motorcycles and enjoy a leisurely trip,” he emphasized.

The CEO of the Blue Wave Corporation, Michael Volks, shared that the company is fully committed to realizing the ferry’s tourism potential. “This ship meets all the requirements for transporting tourists, and this has been a focus for us. The second phase, which does not have a precise date yet, will enable the transportation of tourists in the near future,” Volks highlighted.

Addressing a potential expansion, Anliker noted the possibility of introducing a second Blue Wave Corporation vessel. Once cargo transportation gains momentum and businesses experience the manifold advantages of the new logistical channel, the introduction of a second ship for cargo, and eventually passengers, could become a reality.

“The hope is that the second ship arrives soon. As awareness grows and people discover its advantages, a second vessel will become essential,” stated CEPA’s President.

In conclusion, the emergence of the Blue Wave Harmony ferry service signifies more than just a maritime connection; it marks a stride towards regional connectivity, trade facilitation, and tourism promotion. As El Salvador and Costa Rica embark on this promising journey, the opportunities for strengthened ties and enhanced integration within Central America stand as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation.