Discover El Salvador’s Vibrant August Cultural Festival: ‘Quédate cerquita’.

The Government of President Nayib Bukele is gearing up to present a captivating lineup of cultural activities for Salvadorans and international tourists to savor during the upcoming August vacations, all under the slogan “Quédate cerquita” (Stay Close).

“We have high expectations for the vacation week as we have a wide array of activities for enjoying our city, our heritage, and bonding with family and friends. We want to instill a sense of Salvadoran pride in what we have,” expressed Minister of Culture Mariemm Pleitez.

The Historic Center of San Salvador will be among the venues hosting diverse cultural activities suitable for all ages. Throughout the vacation period, guided tours will continue at the National Palace and the National Theater, among other attractions.

“The National Palace has already received 83,868 visitors, and we are thrilled to offer some extra attractions this vacation, always striving to make the experience appealing. Our aim is to make the second visit as memorable as the first,” said the government official.

The archaeological parks, including Cihuatán, Casa Blanca, Joya de Cerén, San Andrés, and Tazumal, will remain open during the entire vacation period from August 1st to August 6th. The parks will operate from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

“At Cihuatán, visitors can now explore the area on bicycles. The vast expanse of the site makes it perfect for this type of tour, and that’s why we’re inviting people to take advantage of this opportunity. We offer this new way of touring Cihuatán,” commented the minister.

At Casa Blanca Park, there will be workshops on indigo dyeing, and interested individuals can reserve their spots in advance by calling 2416-9614.

To welcome the Salvadoran diaspora and international tourists, the San Óscar Arnulfo Romero and Galdámez International Airport will host the exhibition “Una Máscara una Historia” (One Mask, One Story), which will precisely narrate the history of the August festivities.

These activities will be complemented by others that will be promoted through social media, so the population is encouraged to stay tuned. Over a million people have already visited various cultural spaces throughout the year.

As the August holidays approach, the vibrant cultural scene in El Salvador is ready to captivate both locals and visitors from around the world. The diverse range of events promises to offer something for everyone, celebrating the rich heritage and traditions of this beautiful country. With the slogan “Quédate cerquita,” the Government of President Nayib Bukele invites everyone to come closer and immerse themselves in the spirit of El Salvador’s cultural extravaganza during this festive season. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable August full of cultural delights!