Minister of Economy: 70% of El Salvador’s Productive Sector Increases Employment.

In a recent interview with Canal 10, the Minister of Economy, María Luisa Hayem, discussed the various actions being taken by her institution to benefit the country’s economy. Minister Hayem emphasized the resilience of El Salvador’s economy despite external challenges.

According to María Luisa Hayem, 70% of the country’s productive sector has seen an increase in employment. She stated, “We have the good news that 70% of our productive sectors have expanded their workforce in both production plants and offices. It is satisfying to see how a single sector has generated 8,527 jobs in such a short time.”

Minister Hayem also reiterated the government’s commitment to facilitating investments and ensuring their presence throughout the national territory, thereby improving the quality of life for the population. She stated, “Our daily objective is to attract investments to different sectors and bring development to all communities. We have a new version of El Salvador, and this is being recognized by investors.”

Highlighting specific measures taken to promote economic growth, the Minister of Economy mentioned the elimination of unnecessary requirements and the simplification and digitalization of administrative procedures for businesses. She emphasized, “We have essentially eliminated the bureaucratic hurdles and red tape that our companies previously faced.”

Furthermore, María Luisa Hayem provided details on a project implemented in collaboration with over 10 government institutions, which involved an investment of over $5.8 million. The project aimed to streamline processes and remove unnecessary requirements for businesses, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

The Minister of Economy’s statements reflect a positive outlook on El Salvador’s economic development. The efforts to simplify procedures and attract investments are expected to foster a conducive business environment, leading to further job creation and overall growth.

The government’s commitment to supporting the productive sector and promoting widespread development indicates a progressive and forward-thinking approach, which bodes well for the future of El Salvador’s economy.