El Salvador’s Energy Exports Reach $33.5 Million by May.

El Salvador has emerged as the sole energy exporter in Central America, with the country’s energy sector experiencing robust growth. According to data from the Unit of Transactions (UT), El Salvador exported approximately 381.9 megawatts of energy between January and June of this year. The government assures that the country has an efficient and adequate supply to meet its domestic needs.

The recent report by the General Directorate of Energy, Hydrocarbons, and Mines (DGEHM) affirms that El Salvador’s energy sector remains vibrant, enabling it to become the only energy exporter in Central America. This achievement underscores the country’s progress in this field.

According to a recent Foreign Trade report published by the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), El Salvador’s energy exports for the first five months of the year reached $33.5 million, marking a remarkable increase of 391.8%.

The UT, which supports the results of the sector’s exports, reports that between January and June 2023, El Salvador exported approximately 381.9 megawatts (MW) of accumulated energy, with minimal and non-representative imports also recorded.

Energy sales to neighboring countries are conducted after meeting the domestic demand of Salvadoran households and productive sectors within the country.

In contrast, the report noted that countries like Costa Rica and Guatemala did not report significant energy transmissions to other nations.

Furthermore, the report highlighted that the state, through its power generation companies, has become the main driver of the sector. In June 2023 alone, these companies contributed 245.13 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to the national market, benefiting two million users across the country.

According to the DGEHM, the positive performance of El Salvador’s energy sector in the Regional Electricity Market (MER) is a result of the initiatives spearheaded by President Nayib Bukele. These actions have laid the foundation for sustainable and efficient development in the country.

The institution reiterated that, despite the influence of the El Niño phenomenon this year, which is expected to bring reduced rainfall, the population and various sectors can rest assured that energy supply will be efficient and meet the country’s needs.

“We are working towards achieving a true energy transition in our country. We have successfully dealt with the crisis caused by the El Niño phenomenon, guaranteeing the population and our neighboring countries an energy resource,” stated the DGEHM in a press release.

El Salvador’s impressive growth in energy exports not only signifies the country’s economic progress but also highlights its commitment to sustainable development. With a reliable and efficient energy supply, El Salvador is well-positioned to contribute to regional energy stability and create a greener future.