San Salvador 2023 Games Conclude Successfully in a Festive Atmosphere.

The XXIV edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games, held in San Salvador 2023, came to a successful conclusion amidst a spectacular light show and a festive ambiance. These Games were hailed as “the best in the history of Central America and the Caribbean” by Luis Mejía, the president of Centro Caribe Sports.

As the volleyball rebounded for the last time on the court of the Sports Palace and the scoreboard displayed a final score of 25-16, fate was sealed: the Dominican Republic emerged victorious with a 3-0 victory over Puerto Rico, claiming the last gold medal. This marked the end of the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 and shifted the focus to Santo Domingo, the host city for the 2026 edition.

At 5:35 pm, with that golden point, the curtains closed on 18 days of intense competition, but more importantly, on a grand celebration. Over 5,000 athletes from 35 nations fought for every ball, every point, showcasing their exceptional talents to secure gold, silver, and bronze medals.

The uncertainty surrounding El Salvador’s ability to host the Games was left behind. The nation embraced the responsibility with open arms, rescuing an event that seemed orphaned and pressed for time. From the very first days of competition, any doubts dissolved as the majestic and colorful opening ceremony unfolded, and the athletes expressed their gratitude for the warmth of the Salvadorans and the quality of the competition venues.

As night fell, the last glimmer of light emanated from the athletes, parading to the rhythm of music and dance on the track of the Héroes y Mártires Stadium at the Universidad El Salvador, the esteemed educational institution that housed them for over 15 days. The official proclamation echoed loudly: “Mission accomplished!”

The sweet verdict arrived swiftly. Yamil Bukele, president of COSSAN, addressed the athletes and delegations, stating, “I have to say that we have succeeded. After 18 months, we can confidently say that the mission is accomplished. We hope El Salvador has lived up to what you deserve.” His words conveyed the sentiment shared by all.

“This concludes, and our foreign brothers and sisters depart, but we will cherish their smiles and the experiences we shared during these days. I want to wish everyone a safe journey back home, and please, never forget this blessed land called El Salvador,” added Yamil.

The recognition for the successful organization extended beyond the athletes’ joyous expressions. Luis Mejía, the president of Centro Caribe Sports, took the microphone to express his appreciation.

“Colombo, the dog adopted by the Colombian delegation, is the best representation that these Games have brought back the shine that the pandemic had taken away from us. This is an example that right here in El Salvador, listen closely, we have organized the largest Games in the history of our organization in just a year and a half,” declared Mejía, emphasizing the legacy that El Salvador will leave with its sports facilities.

The closing ceremony concluded with the transfer of the flag to the mayor of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejía, symbolizing the handover to the next host city. A taste of what awaits in the 25th edition greeted the audience: a short dance and music performance featuring bachata and merengue, representing the Dominican Republic.

The spectacle continued with a fireworks display illuminating the capital’s sky, and the celebration carried on…