Real Estate Giant Colliers Makes Grand Entrance in El Salvador, Targets $100 Million in Annual Investments.

El Salvador, a country considered “in” and with great development potential, has attracted the attention of Colliers, one of the world’s largest professional real estate services and investment management firms. Colliers recently opened operations in El Salvador as part of its expansion and growth plan in Latin America.

The multinational company entered the Salvadoran market through its regional subsidiary, Colliers Central America, Andean, and Caribbean (CAAC), which will have its operational headquarters in Panama, with interconnected offices in all isthmus countries. Samuel Urrutia, the president of the firm, explained the establishment of the regional subsidiary.

Urrutia emphasized that with the arrival of Colliers CAAC, El Salvador will be promoted as a distinct destination to capitalize on its economic potential and international positioning, two key factors that support their projection of channeling at least $100 million in annual investments to the country.

“I estimate that we can channel $100 million of investment to El Salvador every year. We are going to differentiate El Salvador and promote it as a unique entity because this country has its own attractions, it is currently trendy, it is growing, it has great potential, and there is much to be done,” stated Urrutia.

The executive identified several sectors with ample room for growth in the country, with a particular focus on the logistics industry, tourism, and commerce.

“There is a lot to be done in the industry sector. While there is already a developed industry, there is much more potential for logistics parks, more manufacturing, new airports are being built, there is infrastructure, and all of this will attract a lot of logistics business, nearshoring with the United States, and factories coming from China,” commented Urrutia.

As part of their country promotion efforts, Colliers will organize business fairs with their 66 partners worldwide “to attract investments in hotels, free trade zones, or logistics.”

Furthermore, Urrutia explained that Colliers also aims to bring their expertise in capital market management to the Salvadoran stock market, using existing tools through the El Salvador Stock Exchange or the Central American Securities Market.

“I believe we can generate significant investment value through investment funds or by creating products tailored to the market’s needs,” he emphasized.

For the opening of the office in El Salvador, the company has made an initial investment of $2 million and has hired 100% Salvadoran human capital. They also enjoy the support of local investor partners.


Colliers CAAC operates in a total of 14 countries, strategically linked for attracting investment, particularly in Central America, an attractive destination due to its location and high development potential.

Urrutia detailed that the investment projection for the region, including the Dominican Republic, amounts to $500 million.

“We aim to promote the region as a whole because it is something attractive. I’m not here to offer you Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, or Guatemala individually; I offer you a region,” he reiterated.

Colliers’ arrival in El Salvador represents a significant opportunity for the country’s economic growth and the promotion of its potential sectors. With their expertise and international connections, Colliers aims to position El Salvador as a thriving destination for investment, capitalizing on its unique attributes and contributing to its ongoing development.