Government Job Board Offers Over 7,000 Positions.

The Ministry of Labor announced that it will be offering more than 7,000 job positions through its government job board. Call center operators, cashiers, accounting assistants, motorcyclists, and administrative assistants, among others, are part of the vacancies that will be available for applications starting on July 11 at the Ministry of Labor.

Since President Nayib Bukele took office, thousands of Salvadorans have joined the ranks of formal employment. In line with this achievement, the MOLSS stated that it will continue to facilitate job placements through its job board.

Recently, Rolando Castro, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, revealed that a national job fair will be held, offering over 7,000 job opportunities across various private companies in different industries and services.

The nationwide recruitment event will take place on July 11 at the 14 departmental branches of the ministry, running from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for one of the available positions during this time.

Among the vacant positions are call center operators, cashiers, accounting assistants, motorcyclists, administrative assistants, customer service executives, software developers, industrial machine operators, warehouse workers, janitors, waiters, kitchen assistants, sewing operators, counter attendants, day laborers, and many others.

“Thanks to our successful Job Fair Tour program, we continue to create and ensure more opportunities. We have 7,000 vacant positions available for this upcoming Tuesday, July 11. We invite young individuals without work experience, people over 40 years old, single mothers, and anyone in need of a job to visit any of our 14 departmental offices,” said Minister Castro.

The creation of thousands of job positions is a result of the Oportunidades and Job Fair Tour programs, which the Minister of Labor and his team have implemented throughout the country in the early months of this year. This recruitment event is also a testament to the positive relationships fostered between the government and entrepreneurs, with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of the population, particularly those in need.

With this job fair, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is working towards its goal of generating 30,000 new formal jobs by the end of the year, bringing El Salvador closer to reaching the milestone of one million job positions. This accomplishment is made possible through the government’s vision and its strong partnerships with various productive and service sectors.

Furthermore, Minister Castro announced that a new contingent of Salvadorans will depart for Canada this Wednesday to engage in various labor activities as part of the Labor Migration Program.

The government’s commitment to expanding employment opportunities and fostering economic growth is evident in its efforts to connect job seekers with employers, facilitating a brighter future for the people of El Salvador.