Argentinean Media Highlights Salvadoran Advances in Security.

In recent news, Argentinean media outlets are drawing attention to the remarkable progress made by El Salvador in ensuring public safety. Several Latin American news sources have confirmed the historic achievements of the country.

Channel 26 in Argentina reported that President Nayib Bukele’s high approval rating is largely due to his efforts in combating gang violence and providing security for the population. “The people hold the president and his government in high regard,” stated the media outlet, referring to the latest survey conducted by the University Institute of Public Opinion (Iudop) at the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA).

This positive assessment from Argentinean Channel 26 adds to a series of informative reports circulated by media organizations across Latin American countries, documenting the significant improvements in public security under President Bukele’s administration in El Salvador.

According to the Iudop survey, nine out of ten citizens believe that crime has decreased since President Nayib Bukele assumed office on June 1st, 2019. Furthermore, they support the implementation of exceptional measures against gangs.

Channel 26’s news coverage included footage of President Nayib Bukele alongside Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado. Delgado was elected to his position on May 1st, 2021, by the newly inaugurated members of parliament.

Attorney General Delgado has played a crucial role in combating gang violence, recently initiating criminal proceedings against Alfredo Félix Cristiani Burkard of the ARENA party. Members of ARENA were found to have negotiated with criminal groups, offering them electoral support in exchange for various benefits.

The media coverage from Argentina highlights the successful partnership between President Bukele and Attorney General Delgado in their joint efforts to tackle gang violence and improve public security in El Salvador. These developments have garnered widespread praise from the Salvadoran population and have been recognized across Latin America as a notable example of effective governance in the realm of public safety.