Salvadoran to Invest $3 Million in Tourist Park Improvements in Morazán.

José Matías Díaz, a Salvadoran entrepreneur residing in Los Angeles, California, is set to invest $3 million in the renovation and enhancement of the Aventuras de Perquín tourist park. The project, currently undergoing remodeling, features approximately 15 pools, cabin areas, a restaurant, a hammock bridge, children’s play areas, and walking trails.

After 37 years in the United States, Díaz decided to return to his home country, motivated by the improved security conditions in El Salvador. His lifelong dream has always been to contribute to the tourism and economic development of Morazán.

Originally from Meanguera, Morazán, Díaz worked in the cleaning industry for many years before gradually becoming an entrepreneur. Today, he owns a car wash and a recycling company, among other ventures.

“We no longer fear walking anywhere in El Salvador, thanks to the security provided by President Nayib Bukele. It is because of this detail that we have decided to return to live and invest in order to contribute to the country’s development and provide employment opportunities for the people,” expressed the investor.

Two months ago, Díaz turned his dreams into reality with the purchase of the Aventuras de Perquín tourist center, located in the Arambala mountains in northern Morazán. The park is currently undergoing remodeling with an investment of $3 million.

The tourist park already boasts approximately 15 pools, cabin areas, a restaurant, a hammock bridge, children’s play areas, and walking trails. Among the new attractions, visitors will find a canopy or zip line area, offering an adrenaline-filled experience along a 250-meter-long route. There will also be a bicycle ride across a 60-meter cable suspended in the air, as well as an observation deck providing breathtaking views of the mountains of Morazán and parts of Honduras.

The Salvadoran entrepreneur also revealed plans to construct kiosks, swings, amusement rides for children, and other novelties. Additionally, he intends to expand the event space within the complex.

Currently, the tourist center employs 15 people responsible for attending to visitors and performing various necessary tasks within the complex.

Salvador Gómez Góchez, the head of the Salvadoran Investment and Export Promotion Agency (INVEST), along with specialists from the Directorate of Investments for Salvadorans Abroad and Municipalities, visited the project to provide technical advice and ensure its success.

“As an institution, we continue to support both national and foreign investors. Our compatriots from abroad are decentralizing the country’s economy by investing in their places of origin and creating job opportunities for our population,” affirmed Gómez Góchez.

He further explained that Salvadorans living abroad are returning to the country due to the improved citizen security and legal conditions that El Salvador now enjoys, thanks to the successful security policies implemented by the government.

The investment made by José Matías Díaz not only contributes to the development of tourism in Morazán but also serves as a testament to the increasing confidence in El Salvador’s security and economic prospects. The Aventuras de Perquín tourist park is expected to become a popular destination for both domestic and international visitors, showcasing the natural beauty and adventure opportunities that the region has to offer.