Arajet Expects to Transport Over 50,000 Salvadoran Passengers This Year.

Arajet, a Dominican airline, anticipates mobilizing more than 50,000 Salvadoran passengers this year. El Salvador has become one of the preferred destinations for Dominicans for tourism and business, according to Arajet, which currently operates the San Salvador-Santo Domingo route six times a week.

Last September, Arajet joined the air travel offerings in El Salvador, becoming one of the 14 airlines operating at the Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport.

Since its inception, the operation has been a success. According to Arajet’s CEO, Victor Pacheco, between September and December 2022 alone, the airline transported 10,000 passengers from El Salvador to the Dominican Republic. This year, the goal is to transport slightly over 50,000 passengers between the two destinations.

Furthermore, the executive highlighted that in the past four months, the San Salvador-Santo Domingo route has consistently been the most in-demand out of the 17 routes offered by the company.

“We love El Salvador, its people, its community, its government, and the country’s vision. We see many opportunities… El Salvador will continue to be an extremely successful country because they have a leader [like President Nayib Bukele] who wants the best for his country,” stated the executive.

Initially, the airline had planned to operate with a frequency of only two times a week. However, due to high demand, they now offer six flights.

“Since we began operations in September, both frequencies have been successful. The number of tickets sold was so high that we had to increase to a third and fourth frequency. Nowadays, we fly six times a week from Santo Domingo to San Salvador,” explained Pacheco.

The executive also mentioned that one of the company’s goals, as part of its vision, is to democratize aviation by offering exclusive and low-cost flights. In this regard, prices for the trips start at $200, including taxes.

Additionally, the airline announced its plans to explore new routes for this year, including Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and others.

On the other hand, the Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, affirmed that Arajet’s successful operations in El Salvador have been driven by the security strategy implemented by President Bukele, who has transformed the country into a safe destination for visiting and investing.

“President Bukele’s Territorial Control Plan has undoubtedly been a fruitful strategy, and we have witnessed how it has brought significant benefits to tourism. A year ago, we spoke with Arajet executives, and they expressed their confidence in the Government’s plan to initiate operations,” stated the official.

Flores emphasized that the improved security conditions have made El Salvador the top destination for all Dominicans and positioned it as the most visited by them.

“It is gratifying to see that the Government is efficient and showcases a better and different country than it was in the past,” he commented.