Forbes Highlights the Green Economy Boost in El Salvador.

Forbes, the renowned specialized magazine, recognizes the momentum of the green economy in El Salvador, emphasizing the government’s significant initiatives in the field, particularly in renewable energy.

Eladio González, editor of Forbes Central America, stated that El Salvador is one of the countries in the region that has taken important steps in promoting the green economy and sustainable development.

Forbes noted that El Salvador stands out for its advancements in renewable energy, especially in the transformation of the national energy matrix, a crucial aspect of this type of economy’s development.

“In terms of transforming the energy matrix towards clean energy, conserving natural areas of biodiversity and water resources, El Salvador is a country that is indeed taking significant steps,” explained González in an interview with Diario El Salvador prior to the 2023 Green Economy and Sustainable Development Forum.

He also commended the efforts of President Nayib Bukele’s government in implementing sustainable initiatives with a clear plan and strategy.

“This government has driven some important initiatives, there is a plan, a strategy,” González reaffirmed when asked about the economic policies promoted by the current administration.

Since the beginning of the Bukele administration, the focus has been on sustainable economic growth, incorporating crucial strategies such as the Trade and Investment Policy, the National Energy Policy, and the Agricultural Rescue Master Plan.

The editor of the specialized magazine also explained that this type of economy generates employment opportunities and enables savings in raw materials across different sectors.

Furthermore, González highlighted the importance of advancing sustainability efforts and not only recognizing its benefits but also emphasizing the lack of competitiveness that companies will face if they do not invest in and embrace this type of transformation.

The Forum

Forbes Central America organized the Green Economy and Sustainable Development Forum 2023 yesterday.

The event aimed to share progress, exchange experiences, and strengthen commitments to the environmental, social, and governance agenda of companies in the region through a Forbes Panel titled “Driving Sustainability in Central America.”

Government officials and representatives from companies in the country actively participated in the event.

Overall, Forbes’ recognition of El Salvador’s efforts in the green economy and sustainable development demonstrates the country’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future, positioning itself as a leading example in the region.