President Nayib Bukele’s Government Seizes $663 Million in Drugs in Four Years.

In the four years of President Nayib Bukele’s government, $663 million worth of drugs have been confiscated, with cocaine being the largest quantity seized from gangs and drug traffickers. Additionally, a report from Casa Presidencial indicates a reduction in homicides, with a daily average of 0.3.

According to a report from Casa Presidencial, the security forces have seized $663 million worth of drugs during President Nayib Bukele’s four-year term. This achievement demonstrates the government’s commitment to tackling drug-related crimes.

In terms of security, particularly the reduction in homicides, El Salvador has accumulated 373 days without a single murder on its territory. The daily average of 0.3 homicides is a remarkable result attributed to the security strategies implemented, including the Territorial Control Plan and the state of exception.

These measures have led to the execution of various actions, such as security cordons and offensives against gangs to capture their remnants. Over 28,000 police officers and soldiers have been deployed as part of these efforts.

The continuous presence of authorities throughout the country has severely impacted organized crime, dismantling the long-standing logistical network of drug trafficking and its financing operations.

The seizure of over $663 million worth of drugs has been crucial in the past four years, as it has cut off the funding for organized crime structures, including gangs.

Minister of Defense René Francis Merino Monroy affirms that the seizure of drugs has played a significant role in weakening gangs by cutting off one of their major sources of funding.

“In our analysis, sources of funding were a key factor. We analyzed the strengths of the gangs, and many sources of funding were extortion and drug trafficking,” said the Minister of Defense.

Consequently, in collaboration with the National Civil Police, measures were implemented to achieve significant drug seizures. “There have been occasions when we have discovered gang members with large amounts of money, and they lament the blows they are receiving. This is part of our strategy, which puts them in difficulty by depriving them of the income flow they previously relied on,” added the official.

In addition to drugs, weapons, vehicles, and other illicit items seized, the authorities have confiscated $3 million in cash from the gangs, the proceeds of their extortion activities.

President Nayib Bukele’s government’s relentless efforts to combat drug trafficking and dismantle organized crime networks have yielded significant results. The seizure of millions of dollars in drugs and cash, along with the reduction in homicides, demonstrates the positive impact of their security strategies. The commitment to maintaining a strong presence of security forces throughout the country has undoubtedly contributed to the ongoing fight against crime in El Salvador.