ISA World Surfing Games 2023: El Salvador Anticipates Over 500 Athletes and Accompanying Guests.

In a recent interview with Radio YSKL, Morena Valdez, the Minister of Tourism, shed light on the various initiatives undertaken by her ministry to promote tourism and enhance the country’s growth in this sector. One of the key highlights discussed was the highly anticipated ISA World Surfing Games 2023, which is set to bring together more than 500 athletes and accompanying guests.

Addressing the event, Minister Valdez expressed her pride in hosting 64 delegations for the Surf City El Salvador tournament. “Salvadorans should feel proud,” she emphasized. With excitement in her voice, she disclosed that the estimated attendance for the event is expected to surpass a thousand participants.

Additionally, Minister Valdez reiterated the significance of El Salvador as the host country for the pre-Olympic surfing qualifier, scheduled to take place from May 30th to June 7th. With 64 delegations participating, the tournament promises to be a momentous occasion for the sport.

“Many surfers have already arrived with their complete teams. Each delegation consists of approximately 12 individuals,” explained Minister Valdez, who eagerly shared, “We are expecting over 500 people, including athletes and their accompanying guests.”

Highlighting the positive impact of these surfing events on tourism, Minister Valdez underscored the importance of the United States and Canada as key markets. “Thanks to these tournaments, we are witnessing an influx of tourists from various countries. Everyone wants to come to El Salvador due to the certainty and confidence that we offer as a premier surf destination,” she asserted.

Furthermore, Minister Valdez revealed the optimistic projections for tourist visits to the country this year. El Salvador anticipates welcoming approximately 2.9 million visitors, translating to more than $2.9 billion in foreign currency earnings.

“We have already achieved a record-breaking figure of one million visitors in the first four months of this year. We have exceeded our estimations,” Minister Valdez proudly declared.

The ISA World Surfing Games 2023, coupled with the pre-Olympic qualifier, presents a remarkable opportunity for El Salvador to showcase its natural beauty, waves, and hospitality on a global stage. With an enthusiastic Minister of Tourism leading the charge, the nation eagerly awaits the arrival of athletes and their supporters from around the world, ready to celebrate the spirit of surfing and the allure of El Salvador’s coastal treasures.