Major Progress Made on La Libertad Port’s Tourist Pier, Opening Soon.

La Libertad, El Salvador – Excitement is building among Salvadorans as the construction of a new tourist pier at La Libertad Port reaches an impressive 70% completion. The Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, announced that the Ministry expects to deliver the project by the end of the year, offering visitors a stunning vantage point and a vibrant commercial area.

“The progress has been remarkable, with over 70% of the construction completed. We anticipate handing over this tourist pier by the end of the year, which will serve as another economic anchor for the region,” expressed Valdez during an interview with “Diario El Salvador.”

The new tourist pier, spanning an impressive 110 meters and supported by over 100 pilings, promises to enhance the tourism experience for both domestic and international visitors. Minister Valdez emphasized that the addition of anchor restaurants will provide visitors with a wider range of gastronomic options, a highly sought-after amenity by international tourists.

Furthermore, the pier will boast a lookout point, a commercial area, and spaces where families can savor the products offered by the restaurants at the Mercado del Mar.

“It will be a family-friendly option where parents can visit with their children, and young people can spend time with their friends. Simultaneously, we are also working on the artisanal pier, which will remain exclusively for the local fishermen,” added the Minister of Tourism.

In addition, Valdez highlighted that the new tourist pier will complement the existing Tourist Complex at La Libertad Port, the Gastronomic Plaza, and the Mercado del Mar. These attractions have already welcomed over 2.5 million national and international visitors.

“We expect to surpass our visitor numbers with this new tourist pier, which will undoubtedly become another major draw for our region,” stated Valdez confidently.

The completion of the new tourist pier signifies a significant milestone in the development of La Libertad as a prominent tourism destination. With its impressive infrastructure, stunning views, and diverse commercial offerings, the pier is set to attract visitors from around the world, contributing to the growth of the local economy and firmly placing El Salvador on the global tourism map.