El Salvador’s Exports Reach $1,789.2 Million in the First Quarter of the Year.

El Salvador’s trade continues to grow as the country’s exports of goods reached $1,789.2 million between January and March of this year, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR). Last month alone, the country’s exports totaled $683.7 million.

Among the most sold products are t-shirts, sugar, sweaters, plastic products, and toilet paper. T-shirts and knitted shirts were the most exported, generating $198.2 million, followed by sugarcane at $135.1 million, sweaters and vests at $126.2 million, and plastic products at $75.8 million.

The United States and Central America remain the country’s primary trading partners. The U.S. generated purchases worth $648.47 million, followed by Guatemala with $295.47 million, Honduras with $262.02 million, Nicaragua with $125.60 million, and Costa Rica with $83.18 million.

When analyzed by commercial sectors, the food processing industry stood out the most in the first quarter, totaling $354.51 million, followed by the maquila manufacturing industry at $327.85 million, and clothing manufacturing at $290.79 million.

The BCR’s report highlights the growth of the Salvadoran economy, as the country has continuously increased its exports in recent years. This growth is a result of the country’s efforts to diversify its export markets and develop its manufacturing industry.

The BCR expects this positive trend to continue in the coming months, as the country remains committed to increasing its exports and expanding its trade relationships with other countries.

In conclusion, El Salvador’s export industry is flourishing, with a diverse range of products and a growing list of trading partners. This success will help boost the country’s economy and provide opportunities for local businesses to expand their reach globally.