Canine Agent Detects Drug Shipment in Package During Inspection at El Salvador Postal Service.

This morning, a drug shipment hidden inside a package was detected by a canine agent of the National Civil Police (PNC) during an inspection at the El Salvador Postal Service. The package contained amphetamines and procaine.

The discovery was confirmed by the Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, who stated that the drugs were hidden in a package that arrived at the El Salvador Postal Service to be delivered to someone within the Salvadoran territory.

During the police ocular inspection of packages received by the Postal Service, K9 agent detected the drugs, according to Villatoro. As a result, the package was seized for further analysis.

Subsequent analysis confirmed the presence of illegal substances, with three packages testing positive for amphetamines and one for procaine. The pieces were immediately confiscated and transferred to the Substance Department of the Forensic Investigation Center of the PNC.

“We have a well-equipped and highly trained @PNCSV to combat the dirty scourge of drugs. Thanks to our technological tools and our K9 agents, we have detected that this ‘package’ contained synthetic drugs inside,” Villatoro tweeted.

“The pieces were received as a package at the El Salvador Postal Service, where the police ocular inspection was carried out and our K9 agent alerted us. With the support of technological tools, we confirmed that the pieces made of wood and resin were contaminated, resulting in three positive tests for amphetamines and one positive test for procaine. Therefore, the pieces will be confiscated and transferred to the Substance Department of our Forensic Investigation Center,” he added.

The official also emphasized that “the corresponding investigations will continue, and we will go after the responsible parties until we capture them.” “Know that trying to introduce synthetic drugs is a crime and will be paid according to the law,” he warned.