El Salvador Government Offers Roadside Assistance During Holy Week.

The El Salvador Ministry of Public Works and Transportation has announced that they will provide roadside assistance during Holy Week, starting from Friday, March 31 until April 11.

During a press conference to launch the emergency plan for the busiest week of the year, Minister Rodriguez stated that citizens can simply call the toll-free number 2510-0199 to receive free assistance throughout the country. The government will be on standby to help with mechanical problems, flat tires, and vehicles running out of gas.

“Whatever happens on the road, we will come to assist during these vacations,” Rodriguez said.

The government is also planning a public awareness campaign to reduce accidents on the road. According to Rodriguez, accidents don’t happen by chance, and it is important for everyone to stay safe on the roads.

With this initiative, the Salvadoran government hopes to ensure the safety of its citizens as they travel across the country during the holy week.