Specialized Center La Ceiba will serve up to 1,200 patients daily.

El Salvador’s Institute of Social Security (ISSS) will inaugurate the Specialized Center for Ambulatory Care La Ceiba tomorrow, which will have the capacity to attend up to 1,200 patients daily.

Orthopedics, dermatology, and the first early cancer detection clinic are among the consultation and care services that will be provided at this facility.

ISSS Director Mónica Ayala highlighted the transformation that the institution is undergoing to ensure healthcare services for its beneficiaries.

“We will have coverage for 1,200 patients daily at La Ceiba. The services we will have are: orthopedics, dermatology, the first early cancer detection clinic, 1,300 new slots for hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis training center, and ophthalmology,” Dr. Ayala said.

The center’s operations will begin on Monday, March 27th, with ophthalmological consultations and procedures starting on April 12th.

ISSS Director urged users to update their information, and for any doubts about consultations at La Ceiba, they can call 2244-4780 or through WhatsApp 7071-1000 option one.

The La Ceiba facility will allow for the revitalization of services in other healthcare establishments, ensuring comprehensive care for beneficiaries in every consultation.

“As part of the projects, we will expand the renal transplant area at the Medical-Surgical Hospital, and this is possible thanks to the transfer of the ambulatory peritoneal dialysis training area to La Ceiba,” Ayala said.