Spain and the European Union will invest more than 10 million euros to support the economic empowerment of Salvadoran women.

An investment of 10 million euros is what Spain plans to carry out as part of the “Economic empowerment of women in the municipalities of extreme poverty in El Salvador” program, and within this framework, the ambassador of Spain, Carlos de la Morena, and the General Coordinator of Spanish Cooperation in El Salvador, Fernando Rey, together with the Executive Director of ISDEMU, Yanci Salmerón, and the head of the El Salvador Agency for International Cooperation (ESCO), Karla de Palma, visited the Ciudad Specialized Center Mujer San Martín, to learn about the progress of this program.

The investment is expected to be made through the Ciudad Mujer Specialized Centers and the National Commission for Micro and Small Businesses (Conamype). The program aims to increase the empowerment and economic autonomy of 5,600 women in 23 highly vulnerable social and economic municipalities in El Salvador.

Ambassador Carlos de la Morena reiterated that 5,600 women will benefit from the cooperation that has been allocated.

“More than 10 million euros will be invested in the Economic Empowerment Program for women in extremely poor municipalities in El Salvador through the Ciudad Mujer Specialized Centers. This program aims, as we have indicated, to increase the empowerment and economic autonomy of 5,600 women in 23 municipalities. Obviously, it will benefit more than 19,000 people and relatives of the participating women,” explained the Spanish diplomat.

Likewise, he added that Spain has around 56 projects that are being actively developed. Of these 56 projects, 13 are intended for the defense of women’s rights, the protection and support of women, and the fight against violence against women.

“Spain has 56 projects that we are working on with a total value of 66 million euros,” he said.

Similarly, the program will benefit over 19,000 people who are relatives of the women who are participating in prioritized municipalities, ADESCOS, community leaders, and local women’s organizations.

For her part, the director of ISDEMU, Yanci Salmerón, highlighted the support of the cooperators to be able to support the women of the 14 departments.

«Thanks to our cooperators, who we know are there to support us. I am grateful for you taking us into account. I know that we are going to do many things; there are many projects. Economic empowerment is so important for women,” said the head of ISDEMU.

Mayra Ramírez, who undertakes the transformation of sorghum into different food products, highlighted the support they have received through Conamype, Ciudad Mujer, and the empowerment program.

«We have had technical training on how to run the business and technical support from Conamype that has been linking us with institutions that have helped us create the brand, food handling. In the process, we have been improving. After the quarantine, Ciudad Mujer helped us link us with the World Food Program, and it is an institution that is supporting us,” Ramírez asserted.

It is worth mentioning that the program focuses on three objectives of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda: Reduce inequalities (SDG 10); Pursue Gender Equity (SDG 5) and Climate Action (SDG 13).