El Salvador will create rainwater reserves.

With the reservoir that will serve for the maintenance of the Parque de la Familia de Metapán in the background, the vice president of the republic, Félix Ulloa; the president of the Salvadoran Water Authority (ASA), Jorge Castaneda; and the mayor of Metapán, Israel Peraza, among other authorities, launched the National Rainwater Harvesting Program.

The program, which will be executed by the ASA, seeks to take advantage of the rain for different uses, taking into account that El Salvador is one of the countries where the highest amount falls during the year and that, instead of becoming a problem for the communities, it will be used in productive activities, such as agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, and even human consumption.

Castaneda explained that this program includes the construction of reservoirs in different communities, which will range from 800 cubic meters to mega-reservoirs, as is planned to be built in the eastern part of the country to take advantage of the rains.

“Take advantage of nature with nature-based solutions and build a series of reservoirs to not only collect water but also harvest it. It is important to emphasize that the soil is the fundamental element; the soil is the natural sponge that allows water to be stored during the rainy season and used during the dry season,” said the president of the ASA.

Vice President Ulloa highlighted the commitment to this type of program, which leads to the protection of the environment and the benefit of productive sectors of society.