Customs collected more than $342 million in commercial operations through February.

Trade operations in El Salvador continue with strong dynamism during 2023, as the General Directorate of Customs of El Salvador (DGA) recently highlighted.

According to the institution, during the first two months of the year, more than $342 million has been collected in tariffs for commercial transactions carried out at different border points.

In January, the DGA collected more than $170.8 million, while in February the figure increased and more than $172 million was reported.

“At land, sea and air customs, our team works to ensure that the entry and exit of trade operations are not interrupted. We are committed to complying with the law and the flow of the economy in the region,” the management indicated in its report.

Customs also reported that during February 23,375 export operations were registered, as well as 43,360 import and 34,545 transit operations.

Trade facilitation

The government of President Nayib Bukele has launched different initiatives to streamline commercial operations at border points. One of the most recent, and one that has become a business facilitator, is the implementation of the Advance Declaration of Merchandise for exports and imports at the La Hachadura-Pedro de Alvarado border.

According to Samadhy Martínez, director of the DGA, this initiative is saving significant time in customs processes. Prior to the provision, a truck could take up to three days at the border point pending compliance with the process; now that is reduced to minutes, which sets the tone for companies to send merchandise more frequently.

This project is expected to be replicated in the coming months in other parts of the country.