More than 70% of Salvadorans trust that the economy will improve.

More than 70% of the citizens in El Salvador trust that the economy will improve in the next 12 months, said the CID Gallup polling house through the publication of an opinion poll.

The data indicates that 72% of Salvadorans feel optimistic about the economic situation of the country for the next 12 months, which places El Salvador as the Latin American country with the highest percentage of confidence in this regard.

El Salvador heads a list in which it is followed by Costa Rica, with 63%; Mexico, with 53%; Chile, with 51%; and Colombia, with 47%.

The lowest place on said list is Guatemala, with only 22% of the population optimistic about the economy of that nation in the coming months, followed by Ecuador and Peru with 33% and 35%, respectively.

The Salvadoran economy has experienced an upward trend during 2022 and has projected continuity to maintain that growth in 2023.

Citizens optimism rate about the country’s economy

Among the aspects that have boosted the economy of El Salvador are the changes in public security, which have promoted the Territorial Control Plan and the exception regime, as well as the sustained growth in exports and remittances sent by Salvadorans, which stimulate the economy.

International institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, have highlighted both measures as key elements in Salvadoran economic growth.

The IMF also highlighted aspects related to the promotion of tourism and the reduction of time to carry out administrative procedures, which have been important factors in strengthening the economy.

The Salvadoran economy grew “at a robust pace” over the past year. “It is estimated that the economy grew 2.8% in 2022, driven by domestic demand,” the entity said in a report.