More than 300 merchant marines have been trained by the Naval Force.

According to data from the Naval Force, of the 600 students who have participated in the merchant marine course, more than 50% have already obtained jobs for shipping companies.

As part of this ongoing training, four Salvadorans have recently realized their dreams of working on international ships and shipping companies after having completed their preparation as merchant marines at the Naval Force facilities. Two of them recently left for Türkiye and one more made it to Spain.

Defense Minister René Francis Merino Monroy reported that the young people were trained at the institution’s Merchant Marine Training Center, which is opening employment opportunities for young people interested in improving themselves and working on international ships and cruise ships.

Recently, two young people left for Turkey. They are: Aracely Pérez and Adriana Jiménez, both of whom were trained in the Naval Force, and according to the Minister of Defense, René Francis Merino Monroy, they will embark on the Ciudad Granada Ferry.

“This is how we generate opportunities for Salvadoran youth,” said the official.

Previously, Adilson Valencia and José Cuellar left for Spain, where they were hired to work on ships for the Ibernor shipping company.

The young people received training for seven weeks at the facilities of the Naval Force base located in the department of La Unión, where they received theoretical and practical classes taught by military personnel.

The employment opportunities to work at sea are varied, as is the salary, since the salary offered at the basic level is between 1,200 and 1,500 euros.

Young people interested in merchant marine courses should call (+503) 2250-0210 or send an email to