The Bitcoin Racing Team is interested in expanding its business to the El Jabalí International Raceway.

The Vice President of the Republic, Félix Ulloa, held a meeting yesterday with English investors Andrew Mackenzie, his wife Sandy Mackenzie and their son Charlie Mackenzie, founders of Bitcoin Racing Team, to talk about different projects and investment in the country.

The foreign businessmen expressed their interest to the vice president in extending their automobile competition businesses to the El Jabalí International Autodrome.

Bitcoin Racing is a racing team run by the Mackenzie family that also seeks to increase Bitcoin awareness, education, and adoption. This organization competes in the Nankang Tire City Car Cup Championship in the United Kingdom, where the renowned driver Sebastián Melrose is a member.

For his part, Vice President Ulloa highlighted the security plans carried out by the government of President Nayib Bukele to eliminate gangs, as well as the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender, which have allowed foreign investors to invest in coming to El Salvador and initiate projects that benefit the country’s economy.

The Mackenzie family also expressed interest in investing in real estate in El Salvador.