The ferry between El Salvador and Costa Rica generates high expectations.

The government’s strategic project will considerably reduce the times for cargo shipments between the two countries, which benefits the business community, as union representatives highlighted.

The importing and exporting sectors have shown strong interest in the ferry, a strategic government project that will connect the Caldera port in Costa Rica with the port of La Unión in El Salvador.

In a morning interview on Monday, Yesli Murga, director of the Salvadoran Association of Cargo Agencies (ASAC), confirmed that there is “openness and interest in using this route to move merchandise” among businessmen.

«The ferry service has many advantages and benefits. Currently, ground service takes three to four days; with the ferry, from La Unión to Caldera, it would only take 18 hours,” Murga said.

She also added that “entrepreneurs can save on tire wear; they can make more trips during the week if they use the ferry, because it is less time; it is only one day ».

In addition, Murga reported that market studies and feasibility analyses are currently being carried out to operate cargo transportation through the ferry.

“A ferry has been found that can operate optimally from the port of La Unión,” she said.

For her part, Silvia Cuéllar, director of the Corporation of Exporters of El Salvador (Coexport), said that for the union and the business sector, the ferry project is “something necessary and important.”

«This project generates a lot of savings, it saves you depreciation, fuel, among other elements. That saving is substantial. In addition, there is interest from companies to use the ferry, “said Cuéllar.

On the other hand, she affirmed that the cargo volume required by the ferry is met, both by El Salvador and by Costa Rica.

«There are 60 to 80 units per trip, three times a week. Up to 100 units could be included,” she mentioned.