El Salvador declares Lake Coatepeque a protected natural area.

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), through Minister Fernando López, declared this Friday the water mirror of Lake Coatepeque, in Santa Ana, as a Protected Natural Area of El Salvador.

The official pointed out that, with this declaration, greater control will be maintained and a management plan will be prepared for the activities carried out within the lake, especially those related to tourism, commerce, and housing.

“Today, this impressive lake is added to our list of Protected Natural Areas as number 194. We are committed to the development of our country,” said Minister López.

«Lake Coatepeque is now part of the National System of Protected Natural Areas. This lake has several characteristics that make it peculiar. One of them is the underground drainage that it has, which connects with the Sucio and Suquiapa rivers, both tributaries of the Lempa river basin, “he also emphasized.

The official also pointed out that plans for proper waste management will be maintained due to the human intervention that exists within the lake, as well as the agricultural intervention that occurs in its surroundings. In addition, he emphasized that fireworks are prohibited in this area.

“In line with this declaration of a Protected Natural Area, a Management Plan has been formulated with clear guidelines for the development of its inhabitants and the tourism and agricultural sectors. It is about not allowing ecosystems as important as this one to continue degrading, and these crimes against the environment continue to be committed within them,” López explained.

“As Salvadorans, we are fortunate that our country has this abundant natural wealth, and it is very important that we take care of it. That is why these types of actions are being prioritized that contribute to the conservation of this important body of water,” he added.

The minister also emphasized that, with the declaration, it seeks to have tools to punish those who fail to comply with the established measures, such as those who deposit garbage in the lake, mishandle wastewater, cause contamination by fireworks or loud sounds, or extract water illegally, among others. In addition, he emphasized that it also seeks to guarantee the care and protection of this hybrid resource for the country.