Security plans and violence prevention strategies in El Salvador generate international attention.

The public security plans implemented in El Salvador, which have allowed a historic reduction in violence, continue to have an impact on an international scale and have generated interest in being replicated in other nations of the American continent.

This is the case in Uruguay, specifically in the department of Maldonado, where the Vice President of the Republic, Félix Ulloa, held a meeting with Enrique Antía, mayor of that region, to discuss the results of the security plans and combating violence and prevention in salvadoran territory.

“We were exchanging ideas about various points of exchange and collaboration. We achieved something very interesting, which is a meeting point for a project linked to drug prevention, which we have begun to address. They have a very interesting plan already in place, with the support of the European Union. We are going to exchange experiences”, commented the mayor Antía.

Antía pointed out that a work agenda has been drawn up with the Salvadoran government to implement in Uruguay strategies such as the Urban Welfare and Opportunities Centers (CUBO), as well as the other initiatives that have been carried out in the country to combat violence and improve the quality of life of citizens.

“El Salvador, in terms of security, is undergoing a very strong change from when it was a country dominated by drug traffickers, due to the issue of gangs. They have taken a very firm approach and have improved security control rates,” he added.

Regarding the CUBOs, Antía highlighted their usefulness as violence prevention mechanisms and as strategies to keep youth away from criminal activities by providing recreational and educational spaces that contribute to the healthy formation of citizens.

For his part, Vice President Ulloa remarked that the Government of El Salvador, chaired by Nayib Bukele, is available to collaborate and provide everything necessary so that the strategies implemented in El Salvador serve in other latitudes, as in this case in Uruguayan territory.

Similarly, Ulloa remarked how the CUBOs have been key in the preventive wing of the fight against violence and highlighted the construction of these spaces in Valle Verde, in Apopa; San Luis Talpa, La Paz; Panchimalco, San Salvador; Cast Santa Lucia, Mexicans; Canton El Tamarindo, Conchagua; Colonia San José, in Soyapango.

Both officials indicated that they will continue to hold meetings to collaborate between the two nations and advance agreements that strengthen social work and improve the quality of life in El Salvador and Uruguay.