El Salvador will venture into the generation of green hydrogen, a renewable energy source.

Daniel Álvarez, president of the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL) and head of the General Directorate of Energy, Hydrocarbons, and Mines (DGEHM), provided information on El Salvador’s foray into green hydrogen generation during a meeting held on Thursday, January 26.

“El Salvador is interested in forays into green hydrogen because we know it is an incomparable resource to replace fossil fuels in the most difficult to decarbonize sectors, such as transportation or heating,” said Daniel Álvarez

This is the launch of the first training program for El Salvador, as a member of the agency, to venture into green hydrogen, a source of renewable energy generation.

“Today we take the first step in learning about this issue because studies have shown that we can generate it with geothermal steam from our country,” said Daniel Álvarez, head of the DGEHM.

According to the new leadership, green hydrogen is a renewable energy generation source that has become a viable global solution to decarbonize hard-to-reduce sectors.