Migration expedites controls at the El Salvador Airport and borders.

The General Directorate of Migration and Immigration (DGME) reported that during the first 20 days of 2023, the increase in migratory flow at the El Salvador International Airport (AIES) continued.

“During this month of January, at the International Airport, we registered an average of 10,000 immigration controls on the entry and exit of nationals and foreigners daily,” the institution published on its official Twitter account.

Just last Friday, Migration indicated that it had set up six additional windows in the new airport terminal to increase service capacity during the busiest hours, which are concentrated between the morning, noon, and afternoon.

Always on the subject of immigration registration, the institution reported that last weekend it continued to register the pre-check of pilgrims who went to Guatemala for the Pilgrimage to the Black Christ of Esquipulas.

“During this Saturday, the 21st, and Sunday, the 22nd, we will carry out the immigration control of 3,849 travelers aboard 138 units heading to the neighboring country,” Migration detailed. It should be noted that this flow was only registered on the Anguiatú border, in Santa Ana.

On the other hand, Migration and Immigration reported that from January 1 to January 21, the entry and exit of 2,390 cargo trucks were registered at all the country’s borders, which boosts the country’s economy and facilitates the exchange of merchandise with neighboring countries.

“So far this year, we have registered a daily average of 2,390 cargo carriers who carry out their immigration control of entry and exit through the country’s various land borders, thus contributing to the country’s economy and international trade,” the institution added.