El Salvador gives the go-ahead to build three docks in La Unión.

This week, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) will begin work on the second phase of the construction of three craft docks in different places that converge in the Gulf of Fonseca, in La Unión.

The head of the MOP, Romeo Rodríguez, reported that the start order has already been given to the companies in charge of the projects, which will be located on Zacatillo Island and on Punta Chiquirín beach, in La Unión, and a third will be built on the island of Conchagüita, in the insular municipality of Meanguera del Golfo.

Prior to the start of the construction of the infrastructures and while the bidding process was being carried out, the MOP carried out some earthworks in the sectors where the artisanal maritime platforms and other complementary works will be erected.

«The companies that have been awarded have already moved their machinery and equipment. This week, they begin their interventions. The idea is to improve the fishing sector since they do not have adequate infrastructure,» said the Minister of Public Works.

The investment in this project amounts to $15 million and is part of the Productive Corridors program, which is financed with funds from a loan granted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In addition to the docks’ construction, complementary works will also be carried out, such as storage centers for fishermen and space for restaurants.

Likewise, trails will be built, and electricity, drinking water, and a wastewater system will be introduced, among other things.