El Salvador is making unprecedented investments in education.

This January 24 marks International Education Day, a day dedicated to promoting inclusive and equitable learning opportunities.In El Salvador, the government of President Nayib Bukele allocates a million-dollar investment for this state portfolio.

The education budget for this year amounts to almost $1,502 million, which responds to President Bukele’s commitment to transform the inherited public education system. This represents an increase over the $1,470 million Education budget for fiscal year 2022.

One of the main commitments of the current administration is the renovation of the school’s infrastructure. Through the Mi Nueva Escuela reform, 5,150 schools will be remodeled. This year alone, they will transform 1,000 schools.

«I feel joyful and happy because we have never seen a remodeling of this magnitude in our village. We are very happy because now it is a school worthy of our childhood, and many children from other villages will benefit. We are completely grateful to our president and all the institutions that join this work,” said María Torres, mother of a student in the El Niño canton in San Miguel.