Contrary to what was said by the mass media, El Salvador complied with the payment of the bond maturing in 2023.

Despite the skepticism shown by some national and international media, today the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, complied.

The country completed the transfers of the funds and paid the investors holding the Eurobond with a maturity date of January 24, 2023. The amount amounted to 800 million dollars. After the two early purchase operations carried out in 2022, the bond was reduced to $604.1 million of principal and $23.4 million of interest.

According to sources from the Ministry of Finance of El Salvador consulted by this means, the Bukele government continues with its commitment and responsibility to comply with its obligations in such a way that its ability to pay is proven before the capital markets, the risk rating agencies, and international organizations.

El Salvador remains a source of concern across the continent, as it implements President Nayib Bukele’s effective security strategy minute by minute.His government’s fight against crime has been determined and has yielded surprising results, to the point that he has put more than 60,000 gang members in jail. All this after they sowed terror for decades.

Today, Bukele’s popularity rises to 92% in his country, and a similar percentage agrees with his re-election. El Salvador has become an example in the region that shows that it is viable to have a democratic country that fights crime together. There are many days that this Central American country wakes up without a single homicide being committed throughout the national territory.