A Salvadoran family residing in the USA will invest $11.5 million in the construction of a water park.

The Ángel family, who have lived in California for 26 years, will build a tourist center in their native Santa Cruz Analquito, in Cuscatlán, reported the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Proesa).

This project, which has an investment of $11.5 million, is intended to be developed in three stages in an estimated year and a half.

These Salvadorans living abroad have already invested a quarter of a million dollars in the purchase of four blocks of land located in the area known as El Desagüe, on Lake Ilopango, in the jurisdiction of Santa Cruz Analquito.

They confirmed that the name that the new tourist center will bear will be “Rio Water Park,”  which will have ample parking, cabins, swimming pools, a soccer field, a restaurant, and a multipurpose pavilion, among other attractions.

The investors also plan to offer hikes to Chorrerón on Lake Ilopango, which is less than an hour from the project area.

The Directorate for the Attraction of Investments of Salvadorans Abroad (Salex) requested support from Proesa for guidance on the procedures for the execution of its project.