A senior Korean official praises President Nayib Bukele’s leadership.

Jang Sung Min, Principal Secretary of the Future Strategy of the Korean Presidential Office, recently highlighted the leadership that characterizes President Nayib Bukele, which is an important potential for him to achieve the country’s economic development.

The Korean official visited El Salvador with the aim of creating the necessary conditions to strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations and generate investment in different areas based on freedom, peace, and economic prosperity.

Korea plans to invest $10.5 million in the medium term in different areas, including health, public safety, and digital development.

«When I first arrived in El Salvador, I realized it had a lot of potential and shared many similarities with Korea. I am sure that it will achieve economic growth very quickly, as in the case of Korea. During the meeting with His Excellency President Nayib Bukele, I shared the vision of cooperation and economic growth in El Salvador,” said Sung Min.

During the speech that he shared during the visit, he compared the Salvadoran president with young Koreans who were political and economic leaders years ago and who promoted the development of their nation.

«In the case of El Salvador, His Excellency President Bukele is also in his forties, and during the meeting I felt his passion despite his age. He has the sense of the new generation, he values communication with the people, so the president has leadership based on communication with the people. I have noticed that the president has a deep interest in economic growth in the case of Korea; at the same time, he thinks about and devotes his time to achieving El Salvador’s economic growth,” Sung Min emphasized.

He reiterated that another characteristic of President Nayib Bukele’s leadership is his vision for the future and his interest in creating a digital government.

“I would like to invite President Bukele, who has this excellent leadership, so that with his official visit [to Korea], he can see Korea’s economic growth experience in person. I hope that we can cooperate with El Salvador in terms of the manufacturing sector, the fourth industrial revolution, the marine ecosystem, even in a digital government, so that El Salvador enjoys economic growth,” he stressed.

Likewise, he highlighted the percentage of approval that the population has given the Salvadoran president during his administration, which is 80%, according to the latest polls.

On the other hand, he pointed out that public security in El Salvador has stabilized, a fact that creates the necessary conditions for cooperation.

“Regarding public security in El Salvador, I understand that it is stabilizing, and that the cooperation on the part of the Korean government and Koika with the construction of infrastructure to prevent crime has also contributed to the reduction of the crime rate in El Salvador,” said Sung Min.