El Salvador received the Insignia cruise ship in the port of Acajutla.

Government officials warmly received more than 1,000 foreign tourists, who boarded the Insignia cruise ship in the port of Acajutla, Sonsonate. This is the fifth season of the year, which began in October of last year and will conclude in May of next year.

This flagship cruise ship was built in 1999 and remodeled in 2018. Its weight is 30,277 tons and its length is 181 meters; it is listed as one of the world’s leaders and is five-star rated. She comes from the United States.

Yesterday, thousands of foreigners who visited the country went to various tourist destinations in the country, such as beaches, lakes, volcanoes, and cultural towns, with the guidance of Ministry of Tourism personnel.

The reception was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, and the Director of the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA), Federico Anliker. The officials reiterated that tourism is one of the main commitments of the government of President Bukele, to boost the country’s economy.

Valdez indicated that last year they registered the visit of 2.5 million tourists, equivalent to more than $2.6 billion in foreign currency income, and cruises have been vital for these results since they have calculated that each tourist spends at least $150 to obtain souvenirs and gastronomy in each destination they visit.

“Tourism is a gamble. We are working with President Nayib Bukele’s administration to make this item the driving force of the economy. In this strategy, cruise ships are important,” Valdez said.

The official also assured that in 2023, as part of their tourism portfolio, they have a full agenda of activities to promote the country as a world destination.

Likewise, Federico Anliker stressed that the confidence in security that the country has acquired, thanks to the success of the Territorial Control Plan, has been key in attracting cruise ships interested in visiting El Salvador.

“We have 10 more confirmed cruises for the rest of the season; however, other companies and vessels have expressed their interest in being able to visit our country and port,” said the president of CEPA, Federico Anliker.