The expansion of parking and “check-in” at the airport will begin in 2023

The correct measures taken by the government to boost national tourism continue to give excellent results to El Salvador, positioning it in the eyes of the world as a safe country to visit. More than 3.2 million travelers have passed through the International Airports of El Salvador, San scar Arnulfo Romero, and Galdámez as proof of this.

To continue with this dynamism and offer better attention to visitors arriving and leaving the country, the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA) will begin in 2023 the modernization and expansion of the check-in area, as well as the parking area, at the aerodrome.

“Currently, we are working on different projects in airport logistics infrastructure in order to provide our passengers with more efficient services. This 2023 we will begin the projects to expand the “check in” and parking, “CEPA said in a social media post.

According to CEPA President Federico Anliker, the expansion plans aim to provide greater comfort to tourists, as the “check-in” area will be completely modern, with twice as many counters.

“It will grow towards the back, from where it is currently located, because the airline offices are in that area, but we are going to relocate those. We are going to move internally at the airport, both in the offices of our staff and in those of the airlines, and this will give us the ability to have twice as many counters,” he commented.

The autonomous informed that with the project, the existing area of 1,780 square meters will be remodeled and 40 new registration points will be built, which will speed up the passenger screening process.

In addition, to provide a better service to people who come to bring and leave their relatives, the institution will expand vehicle parking. The works will consist of the construction of a parking building with two or three levels and a capacity for more than 1,000 additional cars.

«The parking lot is no longer enough. When the last bank of flights ends, and we see that the airport is having a lot of movement, we realize that parking is no longer enough, so we have to increase parking as well. Currently, the parking lot has a capacity of about 2,000, which is why it will take 1,000 more at a height,” said Anliker.

The modernization of the mentioned areas, together with the new passenger terminal, make it one of the most modern airports in the region.