More than 23,500 students benefited this year from the renovation of school infrastructure

This year, the Ministry of Education (Mined) intervened in the school infrastructure of 79 schools, benefiting a total of 23,511 students. The renovation of educational centers is a primary strategy for the government of President Nayib Bukele, since it seeks to enhance student learning through equity and equal opportunities.

In this regard, they develop additional actions such as providing technological equipment to all students without exception.Through the Links to Education program, they have brought technology to all students in the public education system.

They provided tablets for students in grades one through three, and computers for grades four through high school. There are 1.2 million students who have benefited. The teachers also received specialized computers, and connectivity packages were delivered to ensure the connection of the students and the pedagogical functionality of the equipment.

Likewise, in conjunction with the Office of the First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, 17,000 Early Childhood teachers and specialists were trained in the Training Plan on the Growing Together law. All this was achieved thanks to the largest investment in education in the history of El Salvador, since the budget was increased by up to 5.1% of GDP, allowing the transformation of the educational system.