Areas that were controlled by gangs are being illuminated

The Ministry of Public Works announced that they have begun installing LED lamps in places that were controlled by gang members. The Los Conacastes de Soyapango urbanization is one of the first to benefit, but the project will be extended to other sectors.

In Soyapango, a security fence has been in force since Phase 5 of the Territorial Control Plan, called “Extraction”, was implemented on December 3, 2022, after being launched by the president.

Apart from restoring their peace of mind, the citizens of the areas that, before implementing the successful security measures, were frightened by the terrorist groups now applaud the action contemplated in the security plan.

In addition, the lighting will help the objective of the plan: to protect the inhabitants of the populous municipality, where police and military are focused on searching and capturing the remnants of the gangs in neighborhoods, neighborhoods and rural areas, without harming any normal daily activities. of its inhabitants. The objective is to ensure that no gang members remain in that town.

The lighting in Soyapango is part of the efforts to improve safety on streets and highways in different parts of the country. Apart from helping to avoid criminal acts, lighting in the populous town contributes to improving the traffic of pedestrians and drivers, preventing accidents, as part of the country’s road safety.

“Where there was darkness, we brought light. We are installing lights with LED technology in places that were controlled by gangs,” stressed the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez.

Since the start of Phase Five of the Territorial Control Plan in Soyapango, 8,500 soldiers and 1,500 police officers have surrounded the municipality in order to extract gang members who are trying to hide from government security forces.

Meanwhile, while police and soldiers remain in the territory, citizens have continued with their normal activities since the security fence was implemented, which has been carried out successfully. “This is an operation against criminals, not against honest citizens,” said President Nayib Bukele.