Security in El Salvador will allow study everywhere, says the president of private schools

The president of the Association of Private Schools, Javier Hernández, acknowledged yesterday in a television interview that the effectiveness of the security plans implemented by the government has eliminated the risks faced by students and parents before the frontal combat against the gangs.

The foregoing will allow, for the 2023 school year, that parents can choose in which area they prefer their children to study, according to the professional.

«The educational issue is hampered by social reality issues such as insecurity, which has resulted in desertion and absenteeism.Now, with the improvement in security, parents and students can choose which area to study in,” said Hernández.

School dropout was accompanied in the last decade by the exodus of several families from their homes of origin due to threats from gang members who forced them to abandon their homes, properties, and, of course, their children who were not attending school.

Hernández pointed out that the improvements in public security will allow more children and young people to be enrolled by 2023.

“Today we can attract more enrollment, today is another story for the good of the country,” said the president of the Association of Private Schools.

He added, “All issues that lead to an improvement in the education system in the country are positive. There are some signs that education is improving.