Assets seized from criminals and valued at more than $180,000 are auctioned off

Authorities from the National Council for the Administration of Assets (CONAB) provided information on the public auction of vehicles and other assets that have been seized from criminal structures.

According to the executive director of Conab, Azael Espinoza, there are a total of 110 assets that will be auctioned, of which 98 are under the anticipated sale modality and 12 are extinct assets, which are 11 vehicles and an urban property located in the San Luis neighborhood of San Salvador.

The official assured that the goods have an estimated value of $180,553, among which there are buses, heads, trucks, minibuses, motorcycles, pick-ups, trailers, and sedans.

In the case of the goods that will be auctioned under the advance sale modality, explained Espinoza, “they come from the judicial process of extinction of domain in the Jaque case, in which different vehicles were stripped from the terrorist structure MS-13 for drug trafficking crimes, extortion, and laundering of money and assets.”

He stated that the remaining assets come from different judicial cases and processes for crimes involving illegal activities such as extortion, homicide, arms trafficking, money and asset laundering, and illegal activities related to drug trafficking.

According to Conab records, this year the authorities have managed to seize 459 assets, of which 232 were confiscated during the emergency regime.

Citizens interested in participating in the public auction in the case of vehicles will be held by a show of hands, while in the case of property, they will be held by means of a sealed envelope.