A Swedish delegation will support the development of a biogas project

A delegation from the Swedish Research Institute will visit the country next week to refine details on a biogas generation pilot project presented by the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers (ANDA) during a visit to Sweden carried out months ago by autonomous authorities.

The head of ANDA, Rubén Alemán, detailed this morning that the vice president of the Swedish institution will be received to carry out an inspection of the place where the project is expected to be developed.

“Next week the vice president of the Swedish Research Institute is visiting us and we are going to go from paper to action to see the project and that technical and financial analysis that will lead us to carry out this project that can be replicated elsewhere”, Alemán stated.

This is one of the projects that is expected to be developed with the support of international cooperation, which, as he highlights, is interested in carrying out different actions due to the trust and transparency that ANDA and the government of President Nayib Bukele generate for the cooperating partners.

Similarly, the autonomous president pointed out that in the coming weeks an agreement will be signed with the United States Trade and Development Agency for a study of energy efficiency in pumping plants.

«They have given us a contribution of half a million dollars for an energy efficiency study for the first 130 pumping plants in the greater San Salvador area. This migration to that green energy is very important,” Aleman said.