El Salvador has the lowest bribery rate in Latin America

The results of a Latin American survey on the payment of bribes to carry out government procedures were released yesterday by the polling firm CID Gallup.

According to the data presented, El Salvador is positioned in the last place among the countries where the survey was carried out.

34% of those consulted indicated that it is necessary to pay a bribe when visiting a government office to carry out a procedure.

This percentage is far from other countries, such as Mexico, which heads the list of the CID Gallup query with 68%. Colombia and Ecuador complete the first three positions, with 64% and 62%, respectively.

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, highlighted this important advance yesterday, since in previous years El Salvador occupied the first positions in said measurement.

«Are we already the least corrupt country in Latin America? In any case, that percentage of people who believe that bribes are necessary is high,” said the Salvadoran president on Twitter, and shared the graph of the survey.

He added that given the “high” value assigned to El Salvador, measures should be taken to reduce the percentage of corruption.

“It will be time to take more measures. Money is enough when no one steals », he emphasized.

Of the Central American nations, Panama has the highest percentage of possible bribes in government procedures, with 55%, followed by Honduras, with 53%, and Costa Rica, with 52%.

CID Gallup reported that the survey was developed with a sample of 1,200 citizens from each country between September and October 2022 and obtained a confidence level of 95%.

The administration of President Bukele is the one that receives the best evaluation from the population, and corruption has remained at a minimum, demonstrating that the management of public resources has been transparent and clear.

Different opinion polls give the president grades above 8; it is the presidential administration that has obtained the best rating.

In addition, up to nine out of 10 Salvadorans state that the country is heading in the right direction and that very important changes have been made.

The support of Salvadorans for President Bukele is quite high, since he has supported the historically disadvantaged social classes by carrying out projects and social investment and settling debts bequeathed by the corrupt governments of ARENA and the FMLN.