The Salvadoran Navy seizes a large drug shipment worth $77 million

Elements of the Naval Force of El Salvador made a new seizure of a large quantity of drugs in the coastal area of the country, as confirmed this morning by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

According to the president, the drug was intercepted in a boat 870 kilometers (470 nautical miles) southwest of the Port of Acajutla, in the western coastal zone of Salvadoran territory.

Bukele pointed out that, in total, 3.1 tons of cocaine, valued at $77 million, were seized. In addition, he stressed that three people of Ecuadorian nationality were transported on the boat, and will be placed under arrest by the authorities.

On November 8, Defense Minister René Francis Merino Monroy assured that so far in 2022 they have managed to seize 9.7 tons of various drugs from drug traffickers, of which 6.9 tons have been seized during the emergency regime. The total drug seized amounts to a value of $223.27 million.