El Salvador plans to invest $737.6 million in road infrastructure, signaling, and mitigation

The government of President Nayib Bukele projects an investment of $737.6 million in infrastructure, safety, and road signs for next year, in addition to mitigation works, as part of connectivity, risk prevention, and safety for pedestrians and drivers.

The budget project sent by the Executive to the Salvadoran Congress, which the finance commission received from the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodrguez; the director of the Road Conservation Fund (Fovial), Alexánder Beltrán; and the director of the National Directorate of Municipal Works (DOM), Álvaro O’Byrne, who explained to the Congresspeople the spending and investment plans of each institution during 2023. Rodríguez said that the state portfolio that he directs will invest $201.6 million in road works, signaling and road safety programs, routine maintenance of paved roads nationwide, and the construction of mitigation works in various areas of the country.

The minister highlighted among the projects the construction of the San Miguel bypass, the construction of the Los Chorros viaduct, the Manuel José Arce bridge on the border with Guatemala, the execution of progressive rural road programs, and the improvement of roads.

He maintained that with the execution of these works during 2023, road connectivity, the transit of people and goods throughout the national territory will be improved. “Our objective is to execute plans that contribute to the country’s development and improve connectivity,” he assured. The Public Works and Transportation portfolio has a projected budget of $413,905,415

For his part, the director of Fovial, Alexánder Beltrán, told the legislators that the institution projects an investment of $143.2 million for the execution of different projects next year.

He explained that the budget allocation will be used for routine maintenance of paved and unpaved roads, maintenance of the right of way, signaling and road safety, bridges and overpass works, and periodic maintenance.

Fovial has an allocation for the coming fiscal year of $191.11 million, and its “strategic plan 2020-2024 commitment is to improve regional road connectivity through periodic maintenance of 800 kilometers.”

While the director of the National Directorate of Municipal Works (DOM), Álvaro O’Byrne, explained to finance commission deputies that the DOM will invest $392.8 million in various projects in the country’s 262 municipalities, according to the budget projection.

He clarified that some resources come from international financial organizations.

O’Byrne said that it will invest in diverse public infrastructure, school infrastructure and equipment, basic social infrastructure, high-impact investments in economic development, resilient municipal infrastructure, and others.

The DOM, which replaces the former investment mechanism in the municipalities, has an assigned budget of $272,813,238 for 2023.